Resolutions: Top 3 Tips to Making Them Work

I know what you are thinking, it’s October and we are already talking about New Year’s Resolutions! With the month of November and December typically being consumed by holiday festivities and chaotic end-of-year schedules, NOW is the time to tackle creating resolutions. YNPN Orlando is sharing our top 3 tips to making them work.


  1. START NOW! I know we just mentioned this, but this is arguably the single most important tip to creating resolutions. So many people wait and either feel like it becomes a chore, or they “missed the deadline” of January 1st and then don’t do them at all. Being proactive is a great habit; so starting to adopt it today will help you long-term. If you are not sure what you want your resolutions to be, start envisioning what you’d like to work to achieve next year. If you know what you’d like to achieve, proceed to step #2.
  1. BreakItDownBREAK IT DOWN! No, we aren’t talking about dancing, although if that helps go right ahead. We are talking about realizing that goals are typically not achievable in one step. For most goals to be realistic, you need to break them down into smaller steps. By working on these ahead of time, you allow yourself to think of the different steps, timeframes for each, and set up a goal that will be more likely to result in success. For example, do you want to make a career change next year into a different field that you have no experience in or idea how to do so? Maybe step one is researching the field and the different requirements needed to land a position in it. Step two could be either volunteering or setting up a mentorship with someone that works in the position to gain better knowledge about it and experience. Step three could be researching the companies or positions and finding the spot where you think you would fit best, and then lastly applying for it. If your goal is simply, “Career change to new position,” it has very little direction to get you there and ultimately could discourage you from goal-setting in the future. 
  1. DontQuitHOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE – BUT REALISTICALLY! Holding yourself accountable for reaching your deadlines is important, but so is being realistic. This is arguably the most challenging part about resolutions. Things are not always going to go as planned, but it is important to recognize that and respond accordingly. Was your goal to lose weight and you fell short of a weekly goal? Reevaluate before you judge. Did you setup an unrealistic goal? Did you stick to a workout routine and healthy eating regimen and just missed it? If so, then you probably need to cut yourself some slack, recognize the effort you did put in and maybe adjust your future checkpoints. Beating ourselves up for missing a goal is not healthy and isn’t going to help, but recognizing why we missed it and getting ourselves back on track is what counts and will ultimately lead to success.

We hope you have found our top three tips helpful, and that you are excited to set yourself up for success in 2015! Still need some help writing resolutions? Email us at

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