Have you come to a social yet?

If your answer was “no,” then you’re in luck because there are still two great socials planned for 2014! One of them is coming up next week. Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you hint: you’ll need to come prepared with your Jeopardy hat on. That’s right, trivia night! No worries about not being the next Ken Jennings either – this author can guarantee you that you will do better than her (unless it’s Disney trivia, in which case said author fully encourages you to bring it).

See how much fun we have!?

See how much fun we have!?

Our YNPN Orlando events are a great way to meet new, like-minded professionals in a low-key yet engaging environment. We typically host one Professional and one Social event a month, and advertise them ahead of time on our Upcoming Events page. Last month we met at Orlando Brewing for a discounted happy hour and a free tour! Our start and end times are always flexible for our socials too, so that everyone can find some time to swing by and stay until…well, whenever you’d like! (Unless the business closes and then YNPN fully encourages you to honor all business closing times. We will not post bail for members refusing to leave an establishment, regardless of how much fun you are having).

photo 2If you’ve not signed up yet, then head on over now to our events page to RSVP for the November and December Orlando Magic Game social. (Or click on the hyperlinks to be directly routed to the events). Not a YNPN Orlando member? No worries, we welcome everyone! The best part about YNPN Orlando is that we are always seeking to expand our demographics and encourage all interested parties to become a member. We have monthly networking events, professional development opportunities, newsletters jam-packed with tons of great information spanning everything from the latest nonprofit news and job opportunities…and it’s all totally free! You can become a member simply by clicking here and completing a few short questions to get instant access to all YNPN Orlando benefits!

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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