Seeing Clearly About Vision Loss After Blink Tour

BlinkOn Thursday, May 21, Lighthouse Central Florida (LCF) hosted YNPN at “The Blink Experience,” a hands-on exploration of how Lighthouse teaches, supports and empowers children, teens and adults living beyond the restrictions of vision loss and blindness. Over 20 guests attended, representing various fractions of the nonprofit community, in order to learn more about how LCF is serving the blind and visually impaired in the Orlando area.

IMG_9461The Blink Tour kicked off with light refreshments, libations, and friendly conversation. Kyle Johnson, Director of Sustainability & Communications led the way with an informative discussion and interactive tour of the services LCF provides. YNPN members and guests were able to tour the facility and learn more about the Early Intervention program for children, where children up to 6 years of age learn how to utilize their other senses (such as touching fuzzy books), decipher color and shapes through light boxes, and read and write in braille. The tour continued through the Independent Living Skills kitchen, and Access Technology lab, where adults and seniors are able to gain the skills necessary to not only succeed, but thrive at school, home, or in the workforce.

11351297_843900012363663_983855567861751236_nThe experience was brought to life, as guests were invited to pair up and be either blindfolded or act as a guide for their partner. Patrons walked through the building, up the stairs, down an elevator, all without their sight. Blindfolded guests were forced to rely on their other senses, listening to their guides cues, touching the surrounding walls, and holding on for dear life (at least we did!). The Blink Experience wrapped up with a blindfolded wine pour, which made for great pictures and laughs all around (see below).

IMG_9475With a motivating mission, interactive tour, and plenty of mixing and mingling, the YNPN May Social “The Blink Experience” was a huge success.

We hope to see you at our upcoming social, June 10 Coffee with 9 Strangers and June 11 Batman in the Park – BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket)!


(Authored by Jessica Kleinberger; YNPN Orlando Membership Coordinator)

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