Early Bird Gets The Worm (and many other benefits of waking up earlier)

I never used to wake up early. I rarely woke up in time to eat breakfast or even finish my makeup before jumping in my car to make it to work on time. My bed was just too glorious to leave before 7:15am. Or was it?

I’ve been a “morning person” for about two months. I realize this is about how long it takes to create a pattern, so it’s not really set it stone. For the sake of this blog post, let’s all choose to believe in me. Sound good?

I’ve made a brief list of reasons I like waking up early:

  • I don’t usually have a schedule yelling at me between 5:30 and 8:00am. The most beautiful part of waking up early for me is the extra time to decide what I want to do and do that. Let’s be honest, most of our days are quite scripted and the script is likely not written by the main character. Whether clients, projects, reports, or the sky falling… When the clock strikes eight, I don’t really run the show.
  • I have all the time in the world to do and redo my hair and makeup. I feel much more confident when I leave the house for work that I did a few months ago.
  • If I choose to go into work early, I’m able to get a good deal of work done without any distractions. Like many people, I’m pulled in 100 different directions every day. An hour or so to catch up on yesterday has been immensely beneficial.
  • The television in the living room is clear of video games and ready for me to watch a quick workout video. That space is a hot commodity in my house and at 6:00am, it’s all mine.
  • Lastly, I have time to eat breakfast. Breakfast may only be cereal, but I can leisurely eat it. I also have the option to… dun dun dun… stop for my beloved Starbucks coffee, if I feel like it. It’s not something I do every day, but I can if I want now.

Do you have a hard time opening your eyes that early like I did? I’ve also come up with some tips to start waking up early:

  • Go to bed a little earlier. You always want to be in bed by 11:00? Me too. I started making my way to bed at 10:00, and now I end up there around 11:00. I just had to get in gear a bit earlier and I’m getting at least seven hours in my bed, if not actually asleep.
  • Create an inspiring or directive alarm title. My iPhone is my alarm clock. I used to wake up to a rather dull message of “alarm”. Now, my message says “straighten your hair” or “finish up that report”. These remind me why I’m up so early and I’m more motivated to get up.
  • Turn on the light (and the tv). As soon as I read my alarm message, I jump up to turn on the light and the tv. I might lay back down for a minute to adjust, but the stimulants are telling my brain knows its business time.
  • Get out of bed. Just do it. Physically, getting out of bed. I know you’re sleepy. Once you’re up, you’ll see that the morning isn’t so bad. Still sleepy? There’s so much time to brew a tasty cup of coffee.

I’ve truly found that I’m overall happier since I’ve started waking up earlier in the morning. Of course, I’m more productive and efficient in my work. On top of that, I’m more relaxed. It turns out rushing out the door every day and cramming twelve hours of work into an eight hour work day was just a tad bit (very) stressful. I’m also healthier and maintaining a much better diet. Some quick morning stretches and an actual bowl of cereal (not a granola bar on the run) set me up for a full day of making better choices. I’m determined to continue my new(ish) habits and hopefully you’ve gotten something out of this post too. Good luck!

Written By: Cara Smith

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