Fear of Failure: A Millenial Perspective

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Learning Young

As a child I was raised that everyone needs help but not everyone asks for it. Being from a family that was always financially strapped, I learned how to not ask for much and take what was given to me. Living this way helped me see things for what they were and not how they could be. My mother showed me that working hard is all I have and in order to get where I want to be in life, I have to be willing to sacrifice many things to get head.
The saying goes nothing is ever guaranteed in this life, one thing for sure is that I did not get to this point by coasting by and slacking off. My efforts are conducive to my work ethic and practices. It didn’t hurt that I was surrounded by positive people with similar mindset.

Present and Future self

One of the greatest pieces of advice I have ever received was just that, surround yourself with people that will get you to that next level.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Now that I am not in school I find myself starving for knowledge. I make it a point to constantly read, whether it is news or articles that parallel my career field, I make time to read. This helps me stay passionate about the work that I am doing, knowing that I am not alone in my field working for a better tomorrow.

Preparing for that next step is what is helping me keep my anxiety level controlled and not constantly worrying about if I am making the right choices. If I let it get to me then it can cloud my judgement and makes me not take the risks I should be taking. As a Millennial I constantly see how older generations judge us on being careless and not strategic about our career moves. When swimming in a pool of applicants that are more than qualified for that same position that you are applying for how does one not feel anxious. The pressure of being a suitable candidate and not knowing if this will work out is incredibly scary. That is the beauty of fear.

Fear and Confidence

The fear and anxiety of trying new things or putting yourself out there is quite daunting at times. I have never learned from sitting on the sidelines, I fail all the time. Considering all of my failures thus far have been for the most part in school. Studying harder equated to better grades, but in the life outside of school it’s a different playing field. Life is not as lenient or forgiving. In this phase of my life failing could mean the difference of making a complete fool of yourself or looking like a champ.

In times that I know I will have to put myself out of that comfort zone I practice these tips to help me get over the fear of failing and tackle my task head on.

  • Stay Positive: if you having a bad day, it can only get better from there.
  • Support system: failing alone is hard but having people that support you can make all the difference.
  • Feel the Failure: Allow yourself to feel upset about the failure, it helps in getting back up.
  • Learn from Failing: there is a lesson to be learned from failing, find it and master it so it can help in achieving the next step.
  • When in Doubt: Ask for feedback or advice on why you failed, it can only boost your motivation to succeed.
  • Finally, Keep Going: never let a failure sidetrack you from giving it another try. At the end of the day, it is those who take the risk that will keep moving forward.

Being a millennial is hard, but at least we are trying. We are all collectively trying to make this world a better place to live in. With every failure there is successes, those who are brave enough to know they have failed are even more bold to keep trying. Learning is what keeps me going, from failures, life, and other young professionals I will continue to seek knowledge in any form that I can receive. No one grows to their full potential from staying stagnant and comfortable, I learn everyday to fail and so should you.

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All Expenses Paid Vocational/Cultural Exchange with Germany!


This opportunity is being sponsored by the Rotary District 6980, which is comprised of the fifty Rotary Clubs in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Sumter, and Lake Counties. They are are seeking five non-Rotarian Team Members to participate in a vocational/cultural exchange to Northern Germany from June 6 – July 1st, 2017. The team members will travel together visiting Rotary Clubs, public facilities, and sites of interest throughout the hosting district. Prior to leaving, they will attend, again expenses paid, the Rotary District Conference at which they will meet the incoming German team. Applications must be submitted no later that October 31st, and interviews will be conducted here in Orlando. Selected team members will spend several months attending after hours (will not interfere with business) meetings and bonding with their teammates before deploying overseas. What makes this a particularly enriching (and safe) experience is that you do not stay in hotels in the host country- you stay in the homes of Rotary executives.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • They may not be related to a Rotarian
  • They must be between 25 – 40 years of age
  • They should be a U.S. Citizen but occasional exemptions might be granted
  • They may be from any vocation, but we ask that they have been in that vocation for two to three years (so they can speak with some authority about their profession)
  • They must be comfortable in social surroundings and enjoy making presentations
  • They must live in our Rotary District (Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, and Sumter Counties)
  • For more information, click here for an overview of the program and here for an application for this opportunity of a lifetime!

    To submit your application, please email our contact:

    Chris Stubbs
    Group Study Exchange Chair
    (407) 936-1536

    They have just concluded a successful exchange with Argentina and have done fairly recent exchanges with Israel, Denmark, Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and India.

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Volunteering Abroad


Hey! Want to EXPLORE another country? I have heard great experiences from peers and friends lately. If you already enjoy volunteering and also have a passion for traveling, why not enjoy them both more often? Think of some questions to help you decide if this is something you should look into.

Obviously, finances are an immediate question. But take a moment to imagine yourself somewhere else, anywhere else. What do you see?

My first thoughts were thinking back to my undergraduate study abroad program. I thought of the week I spent in Croatia learning about a college program’s improvements with sustainability practices in their community. These can be short –term opportunities to education and travel more. Below are some reasons volunteering abroad is worth looking into.

  • Volunteers educate vulnerable populations using community outreach. Search for NGOs where you feel passionate on their mission and then assist locally. In graduate school, I worked on a proposal with a nonprofit in India. It was one of the most culturally challenging lessons and I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I felt growth and emotions I never had before. I became new and felt more part of the world. Seek project opportunities with NGOs: https://www.volunteerforever.com/article_post/2016-best-volunteer-abroad-programs-organizations-projects#sthash.fye9k6HH.dpuf
  • If you are seeking more language opportunities, volunteer teaching is becoming a popular volunteer project abroad. From helping with ESL conversation classes and running math and science courses to teaching computer skills, you can educate while experiencing a new culture. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a mid-career professional with an in demand skill, or a retiree with years of teaching experience, find a volunteer teaching program abroad and experience a new culture. Check out: GVN, IVHQ, UBELONG.
  • I enjoy environmental volunteering. These are great short term opportunities. Similar to Alternative Spring Break, as a sophomore I remember fondly practicing Service Learning in Costa Rica for a month. Similar to short- one week volunteer projects, environmental volunteers assist in educating the local community about environmental conservation – See more at: https://www.volunteerforever.com/article_post/2016-best-volunteer-abroad-programs-organizations-projects#sthash.fye9k6HH.dpuf
  • Some popular areas with an abundance of volunteering opportunities to teach English are in Eastern Europe. Health Education is popular in Africa, Spanish speaking opportunities are in demand in South America, and in Asia: China and Thailand have had an increase in sports and music opportunities.

As you can start seeing the questions begin to pile up, and the questions and research starts getting more exciting. Since it’s already mid-summer, see if this is a project in the next 6 months? If you decide this is what you want. Knowing you are a valuable contribution to supporting the need for the long-term goals a country you visit gives you a new perspective.

Happy Traveling!

Written by: Candice Torres

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